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About 10% of Ghanaians are gay- US Ambassaador

The Ambassador of the United States of America Mr P Jackson has stated that, Ghanaians are having about 10% of homosexuals as per statistics.

Speaking on, he has indicated that the citizens of Ghana should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and further said that his comments do not in anyway suggest that the US is in a way compelling Ghanaians accept gays.

“The United States is not asking anyone to change their religious beliefs or to legalize homosexuality. We are asking that all people be treated the same – that they have the same human rights and the right to privacy,” he said.

He further indicated that “I believe that everyone should enjoy the same human rights and personally I believe that people are either born heterosexual or homosexual. It’s not a lifestyle choice”.

“I think there are far more gays in Ghana than Ghanaians realize but because of societal attitudes they keep their sexuality very private. I don’t think it’s myopic, I think it reflects a lack of understanding of the science…I think that many of those Ghanaians if they study the issue they might come to a different conclusion,” he said.

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